Our Story

Family Owned 1 Operated Since 1968

Mid-Lakes Navigation Company is located in Skaneateles, New York, in the beautiful Finger Lakes Region. Mid-Lakes was founded in 1968 when Capt. Peter Wiles Sr. purchased the 26-passenger Pat II and acquired the contract to deliver U.S. mail to shoreside summer homes. For half a century, the Wiles family has run the business, which has expanded to include an extensive array of daily cruises on Skaneateles Lake.

In the mid-1980s, Mid-Lakes began building rental canalboats patterned after the traditional English narrowboats and available to charter for 3, 4 and 7-nights. These Lockmaster Canalboats are based at Mid-Lakes Marina, a full-service facility located on the Erie Canal near Rochester.

We cruise from mid-May until early October but our headquarters in Skaneateles is open all year.

The Wiles family and the staff of Mid-Lakes are proud to share the experience of New York’s wonderful waterways and we would love to have you cruise with us!

Our Staff

  • Peter Wiles, Jr.

    President and CEO, in charge of everything from finances to diesel repair.

  • Sarah Wiles

    Director of old fashioned marketing and PR.

  • Captain Hattie Beck-Andersen

    Director of operations for Skaneateles Lake cruises, from staffing to bilge cleaning.

  • Captain Dan Wiles

    Project director, renowned Erie Canal captain, expert and lecturer (he has logged more miles than anyone alive today), and company archivist.

  • Captain Libby Chetwin

    Retired owner and Lockmaster expert. Keeps her hand in, thank goodness!

  • Gail Steigerwald

    Director of sales for daily cruises, office coordinator, communications and reservations IT maven.

  • Aimee LeFever

    Director of Sales for Lockmasters, chief blogger and social media guru, gift store manager.

  • Kay DeBagio

    Comptroller, in charge of every transaction that occurs everywhere.

  • Shelly Paratore

    Director of Mid-Lakes Marina and Lockmaster operations, in charge of everything canalboat.

Our Partners

In 2017 we began collaborating with another Skaneateles landmark, the Sherwood Inn, to take our dinner and lunch cruises to a new level of sophistication and quality. We continue to work with the Sherwood Inn chefs to present excellent menus with a focus on fresh and local ingredients.

For several seasons, we have offered our guests the option of choosing a casual menu to complement a casual cruise! Dinosaur Bar-B-Que is famous here for great traditional BBQ fare and we pair with several scheduled dinner and day trips and offer for group events as well.